Experienced Professional/Trade Indexer

Founded by a journalist, Tatum Ink: Indexing Services began offering freelance indexing services to interested publishers and authors in 1979. Since that time, hundreds of trade and professional readers use indexes written by Tatum Ink. These indexes help professional, medical, legal, real estate, financial, architectural, business and consumer/trade readers find important information.  Here is a partial list of publishers, whose books, professional manuals and directories feature indexes written by Tatum Ink:


  • American Bar Association
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Aspen Publishers
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Cygnus Corporation
  • Dearborn Financial Publishing
  • Duquesne University Press
  • Fantasy Productions
  • FASA Corporation
  • Longman Financial Services
  • Marquis Professional Media
  • PhotoBooks
  • Precept Press
  • Publications International
  • Real Estate Education Company

These and many others rely on Tatum Ink to provide them with quality indexes for their readers.


Recognition from Editors

"I can't express enough how much we appreciate you!  You are always reliable, fast, and accurate and you never say no."  -- Bonnie Lawhorn, associate editor, Aspen Publishers

"I told the editor at CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that a real indexer would be doing the job and that a real indexer was needed." -- Ellen Dreyer, editor, Cygnus Corporation

"I was waiting for my client to get back with me on her edits before giving you any feedback, but now that she has I wanted to say -- Great Job!  Thank you so much for your quickness and quality.  We will keep you at the top of our list for future projects." -- Veaya Weddington, project manager, PhotoBooks

"Excellent re-index of the HLM (Hospital Law Manual)!" -- Jill Berry, editor, Aspen Publishers

"We had a pharmacist-indexer working on another title of ours, and your index was more comprehensive and useful.  So you look really great here at ASHP!" -- William Fogle, senior project editor, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

"Thanks for the extra effort on Houses." -- Ron Liszkowski, senior editor, Dearborn Financial Publishing Company

"Fine job on the 'Vette index.  I'll look forward to working with you again." -- David Hogan, editor, Publications International

"The index is amazing, being both comprehensive and precise." -- Conan McKegg, RPG.net review of Shadowrun, 4th edition

Indexing Format, Schedule, Price

The indexing needs of publishers are as unique as the titles they publish.  Tatum Ink: Indexing Services offers diverse formats for meeting tight deadline requirements in an affordable manner.

Index submissions are provided via e-mail in Rich Text Format.  They also can be formatted in Word, WordPerfect or other electronic formats, depending on the publisher's specific typesetting requirements.  For medical titles, National Institutes of Health's subject headings are used.  Chicago Manual of Style is the source for style questions not addressed in editorial correspondence or handouts.

Tight deadlines are the norm in today's fast-paced publishing environment.  To meet exacting publishing deadlines, the average book index can be written, reviewed and submitted within 10 business days.  Smaller trade books (250 pages or less) can be completed in one week.

Index pricing is determined by the subject matter's complexity, the number of indexes required, the average number of entries per page and/or other unique elements such as treatment of illustrations or tables of legal cases.  Once a client provides Tatum Ink with a sample chapter or section, the customer will receive a firm price quotation within 48 hours.


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